VI-EN-DS-1 Door Entry with Facial Recognition

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VI-EN-DS-1 Door Entry with Facial Recognition

£9,449.00 inc VAT

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  • Description

    The Entrance is a Flagship

    The high-contrast color LCD screen offers many options: Your company logo or the clients name will stand out brilliantly, and the free programmability of graphics allows for additional information an unmistakable flagship at the entrance. Ever since the proliferation of smartphones, everyone knows the benefits of touch technology. With the touch of a finger, you ring the doorbell or choose a contact from the phone list.

    Transflective Display, Sunlight-Readable, HD-Audio with HIFI Sound

    With the IP65 rating and the perfect readability of the display, even in areas with high ambient light, it is suitability for outdoor applications. The use of a special transflective display ensures operation even in direct sunlight while maintaining power efficiency. A dedicated audio DSP provides high-quality speakerphone functionality even in noisy environments and excellent intelligibility of speech in both directions with a frequency range up to 16 kHz.

    3D Face Recognition*

    Biometric features, such as the face, are unique and identify a person without any doubt. Facial recognition also offers a high level of acceptance because it’s safe, quick and easy to use. It works without physical contact and is therefore harmless and hygienic. The technology which is used by Visualint based on latest research results, working with a three-dimensional acquisition of the face and using  invisible infrared light. When a face in front of the camera is detected, a 3D scan is started and features gender from the 3D-mesh are compared against features stored in a database. All this takes less than one second. As only abstract features are stored, a reconstruction of the face from the 3D scan is not possible. Operation does not require any user interaction: If the person standing in front of the door is enrolled; i.e., in the database, the door opens automatically – it can’t get more convenient than this (*only for Visualint  Face).

    Door Communication

    Visitors either choose their desired point of contact directly using the built-in phone book – or ring the doorbell for the receptionist. As the unit is networked, distance does not matter anymore and the receiving station can be anywhere in the world. The high quality echo cancellation will guarantee natural voice communication, without losing a word. At the same time, you will see the person and the situation in front of the door, live and in color, anytime using the Visualint Door Software (VI-DS-SW).

    Connection Via Ethernet or 2-Wire (with 128 Bit AES Encryption)

    In addition to Fast-Ethernet, a connection over any type of wire pair is facilitated with an optional 2-wire kit.  The same wires used for communication will also power the unit. Typically, the wires may be the former doorbell wires or any other spare wire pair of an existing cabling. The housing is prepared to accommodate the 2-wire converter board. Included in the kit is an adapter box that converts the 2-wire signal back into an Ethernet signal. Data transmission over the 2-wire line is encrypted according to the 128 bit AES encryption standard.

    Access Control – Time and Attendance

    For small installations with a single door or a few doors, Visualint Face/Visualint Entry operates in stand-alone mode without a server. Authorized and enrolled staff members are stored in an internal database. If several systems are installed at a site, operation in server mode is recommended: Access data is centrally stored and managed in a server database.

    For integration into existing or large installations, the system works in reader mode: User data is gathered via biometery, RFID card or PIN code and transmitted to a centralized management system. Communication is accomplished either via Ethernet (TCP/IP) or via a serial port with appropriate protocols.  The management system grants or denies access and controls the Visualint Face/Visualint Entry terminal. The flexibility of the LCD touch screen allows the system also to be used for time and attendance.

    Biometry, RFID, Pin-Code

    With Visualint Face, you may combine 3D facial recognition with RFID and PIN-code. This will increase the level of security according to your requirements or migrate from traditional access cards to a state-of-the-art biometric system.

    Environmental Protection Rating IP65, Surface or Flushing Mounting

    The products are designed for outdoor use and provide an environmental protection classification of IP65. The sturdy metal housing with stainless steel look, the pickproof speaker opening and the hardened safety glass ensure a high level of resistance against vandalism. The included mounting box allows either surface or flush mounting of the unit.

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