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Rako RA-Bridge


Control your Rako system with iPhone, iPad, Android or laptop with this simple add-on

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Product Description

The Rako Bridge is a must for any Rako owners who wish to take their control to a whole new level, by adding iPhone, iPad and andriod controlled lighting.

The RA-Bridge connects to your homes wireless router, and then receives commands from any smarthphone, tablet or PC/laptop connected to the same router. The Bridge connects by a standard network cable with an RJ45 plug, once connected and you have the Rako software installed on a laptop or PC you can access you lighting system via a web page by simply entering RAKOBRIDGE in the web address window.

Once connected you will be able to get access and control settings for your entire Rako system. In addition the RA-Bridge is required if your Rako lighting system is a combination of wired and wireless.

Note : The RA-Bridge adds control for smartphones etc, but does not contain the additional holiday mode and timing features, for this you would need the RTC Bridge device


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RJ45 network cable, Power Supply

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Connected to your router

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