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How much does Home Automation really Cost?

A common question in smart home systems is, what is the cost of home automation?, there is a very simple way to answer this question, the answer is about the same price as a car!

Trying to get an idea on how much a home automation project will depend on a number of key aspects.

Self Install
A number of home automation systems are designed for DIY installation, this often helps keeping the costs down as there’s no need for programming or engineering costs, these types of smart home systems can be easily installed by a competent DIYer, and in addition there are a number of simple first fix tools you can get to help with your install.

Systems can start from a £100 for single product items, up to £2,000 for a small multiroom system.

Mid Range Systems
The next level up, is the more collective home automation system that normally controls audio, video, lighting and CCTV. Prices typically start from £5,000 and can go up to £25,000

These types of multiroom systems often need installation and programming from a trained engineer, typically you are looking at around 10% of the overall project cost for installation, and to be safe it’s worth costing in 5% on sundries for first fix costs.

High End Smart Home
For a full luxury home automation system you need to spend between £50,000 to £100,000 and beyond depending on your budget. The higher end home automation systems tend to offer the best control, two way information and generally a more intelligent multiroom system.

Typical brands offering high end home automation are Crestron, AMX, SavantAV or Control4.

When it comes to pricing high end smart home systems the only limit is really your imagination, higher end systems offer advanced control and options where really any electrical or mechanical product is controllable.

Ways to save costs
One of the key ways to save costs on any multiroom system, is to look at how the system is controlled.

Most systems start to get expensive when adding touch screen devices, with typical pricing of a decent touch panel starting at £1000, this soon starts adding considerable costs to the system.

Now though there is a very cost effective alternative, iPhone, iPad or any tablet or smartphone offers a very cost effective alternative, now with an array of in-wall mounted options, you can ave a large touch screen wall panel at almost half the cost.

The control remains the same and you have unrestricted access to almost any app, as well as cool features like CCTV viewing directly on the iPad.

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